i speak the truth : part one

by thenight

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this is part one of what is going to be a four part album. the idea is to create something that flows into each new part, while constantly evolving and changing at a pace that is recognisable, but not overwhelming.

'i speak the truth' relates to the confines of our surrounding social and industrial world - where the truth sometimes hurts, and is often hidden due to the fear of facing it. the lyrics and the music are made to be imperfect, rebutting to the music one can often find on your local commercial television and radio stations.

i also write the way i do to try and explore human relationships, minds, and character. it is often the result of delving inside my own mind and experiences in order to gain a better understanding of who i am, and why people do the things they do, without the fear of consequence or the way they hurt other people.

it is dark, it is not forgiving, i will see no evil, hear no evil, but i will speak the god damn truth.


released October 10, 2010

a shout out to everyone who contributed to this. some of the musicians - phillip jhonston on alto saxaphone, shane choi performs the drums in wolves, some amazing backing vocalists, kristy langford, jaclyn sullivan and esther welch, and a helping hand with production from shane choi again, and timothy walker.




thenight Sydney, Australia

thenight (originally she's themorning and thenight) spawned from the song writing of lead singer Neal Critchley.

From this, add a little bit of rhythm here, a sprinkle of strings, and a dash of melody over there, and you have made yourself a band with great integrity and dedication. We are thenight, and we will have you singing along in no time.
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Track Name: wolves
the wolves are comin' out tonight,
they're comin' for my skin.
oh the wolves are comin' out tonight,
to cleanse me of my sins.

i've got the coldest nights,
you'll ever sleep,
and the hottest days,
you'll ever see.

the wolves are comin' out tonight,
they're comin' for my soul.
the wolves are comin' out tonight,
for everything i own.

i've got the coldest nights,
you'll ever sleep,
and the hottest days,
you'll ever see..

don't try to talk to me,
don't try to open my eyes,
i've been living, like this
for the longest time,
there's a place where i go
when i can't take it no more,
no one, nothing can save me now.
Track Name: dancing by herself
well we've been kickin' it here for a few good years,
and as long as i can remember,
we've been pretending like,
we haven't aged a day.

the roads keep getting wider,
and the moon keeps getting higher,
and all the dreams we had,
caught fire while we slept,

and our houses they have shifted
their foundations they are twisted
yeah this room has seen,
its fair share of the blues.

well the only devils here,
are in all the things we fear,
and they get worse and worse,
the longer that we stay.

the cigarette's i crave,
bring me closer to my grave,
but my smoke rings
bring me back down here to earth.

the beauty that i see,
in all simplicity,
reminds me of the days
i choose to keep.

and we forget the things we've said,
yeah we hide them in our beds,
a story that's too long
to tell right now.

well i came across a girl,
who was dancing by herself,
and singing to
and invisible crowd

i watched her from my car,
i wish i knew her name,
i wish that she was,
someone i could save.

to all the friends we've lost,
it all comes at a cost,
but i just can't
afford to lose you too.

but that's not for me to choose,
that decision my dear, is for all and only you.
Track Name: i hope this helps
people pray, for miracles,
while they're crouched down on the floor
against a dimly lit pew
of their church corridor

everybody's waiting for something to happen
and i guess that was me,
yeah i guess i was a sheep
counting down the hours, of every week

oh i hope this helps

waiting for the rain, i'm waiting for a change
well i had it all upside down
yeah it was inside out, it was turned around

but i feel like i've had an ephiphany
like this whole fucking time, well i just could not see
yeah life's like a lottery,
i'm out of cash, and i've never really been that lucky

'you make your own luck' she whispered to me
'every new day, is a brand new
opportunity, and it's free.

what the hell are you waiting for,
you gotta get out there, you gotta win your war,
nothing's gonna happen in this dead beat space,
and you ain't gonna find it if you stay in this one place'

oh i hope this helps

well she didn't speak no more
no she just kissed my cheek
and then walked right on out the door,
i knew i wouldn't see her again.

well she's the only thing,
that's been on my mind
for any considerable length of time
and it doesn't matter what i do
it just can't change the way i feel about you

oh i hope this helps

the best advice comes from repeat offenders,
and the worst mistakes come from all night benders
and things they get fucked up,
but you roll with the punches, gotta get yourself back up.

Well as a teacher i can build your road,
but you're the one that needs to take it home
and as your friend i can shine the light
but you need to see it, yeah you need to prove me right.

oh i hope this helps

yeah there's never an answer, fits inside the box,
it's the wrong damn shape
you gotta mold it 'til it fits,
you gotta make your hits not miss.

and you can't make plans for everything,
and if you think you can,
well you must be lost
and this might come as a shock

but oh i hope this helps,

well if you love me then you'd better tell me now
you'd best find a way, find a way somehow
'cos i'm leaving
this god forsaken town..

well oh i hope this helps.
Track Name: in the river (reaping season)
I'm putting down the pen
Picking up the slack
Thinking back to when
Everything was black

Just the other day I was
Screaming out your name
There was no response
Cover up my shame

There has to be a way
I can make you see
I am good for something
Call me what you please

Nothing that you do
Can ever make you lose
This simple melody
Will help you stay confused..

Take your clothes off
Cleanse your body
In the river
You're so dirty

Take my word for truth
It will make you new
Put it into verse
And play this little tune to me

Leave the past alone
Me i'm moving on,
Riding on the breeze
All my friends are gone

Take your clothes off
Cleanse your body
Sleep with a stranger
You don't stay clean for long
Track Name: don't get up
don't, don't you dare get up
let me fill your cup with your favourite sweet white wine
i'll sing my favourite songs and my favourite rhymes

well tell me sweet girl what you know 'bout the world
have you seen the death? have you seen the mess we've made?
i guess it's human to dissect everything we create
well i've found truth in the simplest of things
and the tiny little insignificant things
like the sound of the rain on a rusted tin roof
or the constantly changing shape of the moon
in the colour of you, when you feel something new
the whole world keeps spinning
it doesn't need our approval
the sound of sweet voices when they all shout at once,
they sing you'll always be chasing the meaning of love
if there's one thing i've learned, it's that people are selfish
they don't care what they have, don't care who they hurt,
and nothing can change that, no not even god, in some countries they'll kill you for who brought you up.

well yeah i believe, yeah i have faith
but i don't have a will and i don't have a way
well repent for your sins, it's like washing your skin,
it will feel good for now but it'll only get dirty again.
Track Name: every now and then
Every now and then
Every now and then
I feel like
It’s all gonna be okay
Every now and then
Every now and then
You’ll see me smile
Like a crocodile
Like I’m planning my revenge
Like I’m trying to pretend
But if you know me
You know that I’m coming for you

Every now and then
Yeah every now and then
I will lie
Through my teeth
But if and only when
Yeah every now and then
I will speak
The god honest truth

And don’t you think that you’ve got away
There’s nothing you can do or say
That will make this stop

Written on your hand
Written on your mind
Is my number,
and you can’t clean it off

counting down from ten
every now and then
you will call
when you’ve got nobody else

I will make you feel
Like what I’ve got is real
But Christ it ain’t
No I’m no saint

And don’t you think that you’ve got away
There’s nothing you can do or say
That will make this stop