i speak the truth: part three

by thenight

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released February 6, 2011




thenight Sydney, Australia

thenight (originally she's themorning and thenight) spawned from the song writing of lead singer Neal Critchley.

From this, add a little bit of rhythm here, a sprinkle of strings, and a dash of melody over there, and you have made yourself a band with great integrity and dedication. We are thenight, and we will have you singing along in no time.
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Track Name: june
came up north for the winter, didn't think i'd stay. things rearrange when your back is turned, life gives and then it takes away. your call came down through the eastern tower and my phone lit up the dark. you said you felt it in your heart, there was something wrong, i said i don't know where to start. you said let me...

well you told me your regrets since the day you left, how nothing has gone to plan. you said i guess i was naive, and selfish and mean, it's with you that i'm meant to be.

so i threw my guitar in the back of the car, left everything else behind. i didn't need a thing, if i had you. i was truly alive. had to fill up twice on the way back down, could barely afford to pay, but the money didn't matter to me much these days, it was the unavoidable wait.

when i arrived in the afternoon, it was close to five or six. your mother held my hand and said i thought you knew. she passed away in june...