i speak the truth : part two

by thenight

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part two of 'i speak the truth' the first part is free to download.


released January 3, 2011




thenight Sydney, Australia

thenight (originally she's themorning and thenight) spawned from the song writing of lead singer Neal Critchley.

From this, add a little bit of rhythm here, a sprinkle of strings, and a dash of melody over there, and you have made yourself a band with great integrity and dedication. We are thenight, and we will have you singing along in no time.
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Track Name: please
they feed us lies on the end of a spoon,
they say if we can get a man on the moon,
don't you think we know what's best?
and don't you think we know what to invest,
in the future of your world.

but see it's yours and it's mine,
yeah we share the stage,
we share the plate,
yeah we share the time,
but i doubt if you asked me to die for my country,
that i would confess, that i would say yes,
but i'd die for this planet,
c'mon throw up your hands,
it's the least you can do, the least you can do.

so throw all of your money at my crazy ideas,
i might call it a religion,
feed on all of your fears,
preach lies into your ears.

i'm singing oh. oh.

so you wake up one day
and you're poor and your old,
have no fear, for my child,
your soul has been sold,
and i keep it close by in a draw i don't use,
in the back of my storeroom,
with the fire and the fuse,
that i never did light, and will one day expire,
and will cease to exist, along with all of these songs,
that i sing in my kitchen,
all my neighbors do hear,
as they're closin' their blinds,
it's past their bedtime,
and they wish i would stop,
but i can't ever stop,
and i won't ever stop no.

these words fill my head, spill onto the page,
it's all that i know, i can't earn an honest wage.

so you fill up my case with your coins and your haste,
you don't even listen,
just pity my desperate : please hear us play.
won't you please, please, hear us play,
let's go.
Track Name: down
a pregnant woman screaming,
she's begging for a reason,
she says ' i can't bear - to give my child,
to a world that turns it's people into slaves,
and drains them of their lives.'

a coroner is bleeding,
his courage is deceiving.
the postmortems, and funerals,
have finally come to take their toll,
on his mind, and on his soul.

a priest, is questioning his faith,
he has not slept nor prayed,
to repent his recent state of mind -
is starting to unwind,
and tangle up like vines.

we go round and around,
until we're right back where we started.
we've found, that the ground,
it can not keep us down.
Track Name: proverbs
everyone wants to go to heaven,
but no one, no one wants to die,

money talks, but life is short,
and you can't spend it when you're gone.

everybody wants to be forgiven,
but no one, no one wants to get caught.

you spend your whole life reading proverbs,
but you'll never get it right.

and when i lose my mind,
at least i'll have a reason,
all the selfish friends,
all the lying lovers,
you can tell me i was wrong,
you can say i should have listened to you -
but i know where i stand,
know who i am,
know that i'm a man...

well i want paris and i want rome,
let's never come home, i want stories,
i want pictures to show.

and my mothers getting worried,
my father's banging on my door,
they're tryna' find an answer,
to why their son is so unsure.

and i'll keep strumming this guitar,
until all my strings are broken,
and then i'll play it like a drum,
until i cause a big commotion.
Track Name: laura
Laura's in the basement, hanging from a rope,
all the reasons for her soul's demise are scrawled out on a note,
she's all dolled up and made up in her favourite boots and coat,
and burning on the painted concrete floor -

is her last cigarette, with a dark red lipstick stain.
well she was tired of this, of feeling so insane.

well it took her boyfriend months and months of therapy to see,
the notion that her death was not his burden to carry,
but must not void himself completely of responsibility,
he must remember that -

that she was real, like the sun and the sky, and the ocean is wide.
and free, god we pray she is free from the feelings that brought her to her knees..

the cars they are all moving, to the rhythm that i play
and the dead, they are all dancing in their graves
all the sounds of the cities midnight hour are in key with my melody
and the choir sings a chorus - under the street lights you can just make out their harmonies.

a child writes on the walls of his hospital ward 'cure of me, of this disease'
while laura's in her basement, she's waiting to be set free, she cries 'no one, no no one is coming for me'.
Track Name: libre como el viento
we filled up the car.
drove it as far as we could.
until we started seeing things, that we had never even dreamed to see.

we spent all night in bars, talkin' to strangers, listening in awe to their great ideas.

tryna' break the binding that contained our simple minds and simple minds. all day i would play and sing, to the unfamiliar streets, just so we could go a little further, and had something we could eat -
that would sustain, our ever growing appetites.

sleeping bags, curled up in the back seat, or kind civilians, fold out beds and white sheets, white sheets....

life is hard, we all know...makin' a start is the most difficult part. if you think that you know anything, if you think that your rough upbringing can begin to compare to some of the people out there, out there...

but don't take it from me, you gotta go and see. you couldn't understand from this simplified recount.

farm houses run by widowers. uneducated children have no choice, but to do it just the same as their fathers did, and there's more kindness than evil out there if you take the time to look, yeah listen and watch.

you gotta love the world that you're living in right now, it's the only one you got, and there's no point wishing it away.

by the time we came back, it didn't feel like home, but we smiled for friends and family, yeah we gave them all a show, and we knew for sure that something in us had changed. yeah we wouldn't be here long, there's no way that we could stay, we'd caught a strange disease, it needed us to leave. yeah we were different people now. we were free....