burn this town

by thenight

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released January 3, 2010

Visit www.shesthemorningandthenight.weebly.com
for free b-sides and covers.

burn this town was released online jan 2010 - but is only available for direct download as of jan 2011.

it features the voice and piano of michelle russo, who as far as i know, no longer writes or records.

the intro and outro feature the central coast children's choir.

in this city features the vocals of rosie catalano and the strings played by jessica graham.

in this original version of medicate me, somewhere, in the distance, a young man named matt bones can be heard whispering sweet harmonies - who one day, will carry his very, very heavy digital piano across the country with me.

things change, but i stay the same.

this album is for all the people i mentioned up there, and everyone else who has contributed to making me the person i am today.

and to all of you, who eagerly ready this, while waiting for it to finish downloading, so you can add it to your iTunes library, and scrobble it on lastFM.

yes, i just used capital letters, i hate capital letters.

the end xx




thenight Sydney, Australia

thenight (originally she's themorning and thenight) spawned from the song writing of lead singer Neal Critchley.

From this, add a little bit of rhythm here, a sprinkle of strings, and a dash of melody over there, and you have made yourself a band with great integrity and dedication. We are thenight, and we will have you singing along in no time.
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Track Name: thank god
thank god for the working man,
thank god for machines and plans,
thank god for the atom bomb,
thank god for your christian mother,
thank god for the things you give,
thank god for the things you receive.

it's a beautiful world, the closer you are to money.

thank god for consistency,
thank god for your colour tv,
thank god for the wars we've won,
thank god for your only son.

it's a beautiful world, the closer you are to money.

thank god for divorce and lawyers,
thank god for your rightful half,
thank god for your god given freedom,
don't hesitate in selling your life.

it's a beautiful world, the closer you are.
it's a beautiful world, the closer you are.
it's a beautiful world, the closer you are to money.
Track Name: in this city
in this city, everyone is free, you get paid for nothing,
just to spend your time with me.

in this city, your wildest dreams show through,
you can thank your inner child,
for making them come true.

oh, in this city.

we take care, of our people here

oh, in your abandoned house, quiet as a mouse,
hoppers order re-ups on the corner,
and you keep a closed mouth.

in this city, everyone agrees, in this city,
everyone can see,

yeah in this city, none of that occurs, in this city,
everyone concurs that -

we take care, of our people here.

in this city, oh in this city.
Track Name: little piece of heaven
should be working on the weekend singing
'i can't wait for the new week to begin'
i don't want to waste my youth, selling my soul,
for something i don't believe.
been playing these three damn chords
for so long now, i think i'd better make it four,
just to mix it up a little bit more.

keep that fire burning bright,
you know what comes for us in the night,
and keep that door locked firmly tight..
get down on your knees and pray for the light!

we've got a little piece of heaven here, just a thread.
Track Name: oh, brother
oh brother, i know it's been too long
well are you back up on your feet?
is there a woman for me to meet?

is there a point in me reminding you
that the drugs you take are killing you,
there's no point in tryna' lie to me
when your clothes smell just like stale whiskey
have you seen the light of day this week?

but brother, i didn't come here just to lecture you,
i've got some news so sober up,
yeah i got news so sober up.

yeah well, we went and got our record made,
and last week we filled a concert hall,
man, the money has been good to me.

and you know, that you're just like family.
here's my number write it down somewhere,
you should really come around sometime,
the kids keep asking questions for...
and i can't keep on lying to...
Track Name: burn this town
we are gonna burn this god damn town to the ground.
mark the plague upon your door,
invade your precious shore,
we are gonna burn this god damn town to the ground.

so build your walls and barricades,
to be destroyed by our guns and grenades, yeah
we are gonna burn this god damn town to the ground.

you were built to forget who you are,
simply made to forget where you came from,
there's no looking back,
no adapting or redesign.

a plaster mold you were set in society,
a market made for you and your kind.
you'll buy what they tell you,
it's all that compels you,
no passion or virtue, no nothing that makes you, you.

this is a revolution i designed,
a visionary for the blind, so
we are gonna burn this god damn city to the ground.

i can't describe it with this bleeding pen,
we must scream our freedom,
from tanks and machine guns, yeah
i am gonna burn this god damn country to the ground.

you were built to abide by a code,
taking risks was erased in your prototype,
a formula that leaves no room for change.

your first step was recorded and archived,
childhood was lost,
an opinion was filtered, so
we are gonna burn your god damn town to the ground.
Track Name: medicate me
thunder in the chapel,
lightning in the street,
flood has filled your house with..
creatures of the deep.

guilty wives, chauvinistic crimes,
go get, get wise, confess your lies,
ungrateful dead, your blood ain't red,
don't lose your head, forget what they all said..

i need my medication...so medicate me.

it's strange 'cause i like to be clean,
or was that just me in a dream?
see you get to a stage when you figure it out,
when you know who you are,
and just what you're about,
and in all of its glory, all of these stories
must come to an end, must come to an end,

i need my medication...so medicate me!

medicate me.
Track Name: call the police
call the police, this is a situation
i'm not equipped to deal with.
call the therapist, you've lost your mind,
you've been drinkin' 'til you're blind,
while your children play outside on the road.

and i know your family is fallin' apart,
and you feel like you've been left in the dark,
but have you given it a chance?
have you really given it a go?

and there's only so much that a friend can do,
and i wouldn't be a friend if i slept with you,
i know you want me too,
but i don't want me too.

i feel indifferent now, i feel relieved somehow,
yeah 'cause i know that i have tried to show you reason,
yeah 'cause i know that i have tried to stop you grieving,
Track Name: hey, killer
hey, killer, when you pull that trigger,
how does it feel? do you feel any stronger?
hey soldier, would you die for your leader?
does your wife feel safe, does your son know your face?

hey, doctor, the time of death draws closer.
when you clock out, do you leave it there?
or take it home?
hey dictator, is it genocide today?
does the blood on your shoes clean right off?
or does it leave a stain.

hey preacher, you best pray a little harder,
you're nothing but insane in the eyes of your gods.
hey sinner, don't let down your guard,
have you heard about karma,
and her retribution?
Track Name: in between
she was lookin' for a place to stay,
she fell from grace.
had everything you'd need today -
her family, a nice car, she looked like a movie star,
but everybody has their devils,
everybody has a vice.
she found hers in a lovers note,
cocaine was the words she wrote.

cocaine was the branch she broke,
cocaine was the branch she broke.

she begged for me to let her in,
i didn't speak, just pitied her for what she did.
well that night, was the last to see,
her worn out face, troubled ways,
her growing shame, residing hate,
her losing race and souls dark cage.

cocaine was the words she wrote,
cocaine was the branch she broke.

the devils in the digits, god is in the glory,
and the angels sing somewhere in between.